At Copperworks we strive to bring our guests the freshest homemade eats in town! Our menu is loaded with regional favourites, house-smoked delights, a variety of flavourful soups and salads, and so much more! At Copperworks there is something for every palate, including gluten free and vegetarian options! 


Homemade Bruchetta Bread $9
Local ripe tomatoes, red onions, garlic, basil, olive oil, feta cheese and balsamic drizzle layered on fresh french bread 

Garlic Bread $5
Fresh panini with garlic butter
[Add house smoked cheddar +$2]
[Add Bacon +2]

Dill Pickle Spears $8
Breaded pickle spears served with ranch dip

Jalapeno Poppers $8
Cream cheese stuffed jalapenos inside a light batter deep fried golden brown

Spring Rolls $8
Shredded veggies in mini crispy spring roll wraps served with sweet chili sauce

Mozza Sticks $8
Lightly breaded mozzarella served with homemade marinara sauce

Homemade Dip $15
Homemade spinach dip topped with pub style cheese served with fresh tri-coloured corn chips and pita wedges

Bacon Cheddar Dip $15
Cream cheese, loads of bacon, cheddar cheese and green onion baked fresh and served with tri-coloured corn chips and pita wedges

Grande Nachos $17/Irish Nachos $19
A base of fresh tri-coloured corn chips or lattice fries smothered in diced peppers, onion, olives, jalapenos, and melted in-house smoked cheddar and pub cheeses. Topped with shredded lettuce and diced tomatoes. Served with salsa and sour cream. 
[Add chicken $6]
[Add house smoked pulled pork $6]

Basket of Fresh Hand-cut Fries $6
[Add gravy $1.50]

Basket of Lattice Cut Fries $8
Served with Cajun aioli

Basket of Sweet Potato Fries $8
Served with Cajun aioli

Copperworks Poutine $10
Traditional poutine with gravy and cheese curds 

Newfie Style Poutine $12
Traditional poutine topped with stuffing and fried onions

Curry Chicken Poutine $15
Crispy house-cut fries topped with cheese curds and tender white meat chicken smothered in spicy curry sauce

Pulled Pork Poutine $15
Traditional poutine topped with pulled pork

Butter Chicken Poutine $15
Chunks of chicken breast and cheese curds over fries smothered in Butter Chicken curry sauce

Bacon Battered Onion Rings $10
Large spanish onion rings dipped in our homemade bacon batter and cooked to golden perfection

Coconut Shrimp $12
6 jumbo hand breaded coconut shrimp served with sweet chili sauce

Wicked Wings

Large breaded seasoned chicken wings done to perfection in your choice of our many wing sauces or dry rubs. Served with veggie sticks, blu cheese or ranch dip. 
1 Pound $12
2 Pounds $22

Wing Special (Mondays & Thursdays, ALL DAY) 
1 Pound $11
2 Pounds $21

Sauce Options
Smokey BBQ                    
Hot BBQ                           
Heaven & Hell               
Copper Glaze
Hot Blu Cheese              
Sweet Chili                  
Honey Garlic
Honey Sriracha             
Ancho Chipotle          
Chipotle BBQ
Pineapple Curry           
Saucy Garlic Parm   

Dry Rub Options
Chipotle Mango             
Lemon Pepper
Maple Bacon
Salt and Pepper             
Dry Garlic Parm

[Add fresh hand cut fries to any wing order for only $2]

Sensational Salads & Soups

Add to any salad!
Chicken $6  Shrimp $7   Pulled Pork $6   Steak $10   Salmon $10   Soup $4 

Homemade Soup of the Day $8
Served daily with toasted garlic bread

House Salad $8
Crispy romaine, red onions, red pepper, tomato, and cucumber with your choice of dressing 

Caesar Salad $10
Crispy romaine, bacon, and garlic & basil croutons in a creamy caesar dressing topped with parmesan chesse

Greek Salad $12
Crispy romaine, red onion, kalamata olives, red pepper and cucumber tossed in homemade greek style vinaigrette topped with feta cheese

Copperworks Salad $15
Crispy romaine, red onion, red pepper, cucumber, tomato, crumbled feta cheese, dried cranberries, and pecans tossed in our house-made balsamic vinaigrette

Julienne Salad $18
Crispy romaine, red onion, red pepper, tomato, and cucumber topped with sliced chicken breast, roast beef, corned beef, cheddar cheese, and boiled egg wedges. Served with your choice of dressing

Taco Salad $15
Romaine lettuce, diced tomatoes, red onions, and red peppers tossed in our southwest dressing and topped with pub cheese, corn chips, and a dollop of sour cream

Tuscany Salad $18
Fresh spinach tossed in our homemade Greek dressing topped with caramelized onions, red pepper, feta cheese, and sliced local farm steak

Bodacious Burgers

Homemade 8oz. beef burgers are served on a toasted kaiser with hand cut fries and are topped with lettuce, tomato, pickle, and onion. 

Copperworks Burger $16
Loaded with bacon, house smoked cheddar, and a jumbo homemade bacon battered onion ring drizzled with smoky BBQ sauce

Canadian Burger $16
Smoked maple glazed peameal and house smoked cheddar cheese

Bacon Bruschetta Burger $16
Loaded with our homemade bruschetta mix, bacon, and feta cheese

Mushroom and Swiss Burger $15
Layered with sautéed mushrooms and Swiss cheese 

Just the Meat Burger $14
Nothing fancy, just the best burger in town in all it's glory

Beyond The Meat/Veg Burger $15
Meat-free patty grilled to perfection

Add Ons

Sweet Potato Fries +$2
Lattice Fries +$2
Garden Salad +$2
Caesar Salad +$3 
Greek Salad +$3
Poutine +$4
Gluten-free Bun +$2
Small Soup +$3  

From The Smoker

All dishes served with fresh hand cut fries

Ribs You Say?
Half Rack $20
Full Rack $34
Rib and Wing Combo $26

Pork ribs marinated and slow smoked in-house, smothered in homemade smoky BBQ sauce and served with a side of homemade coleslaw

Copperworks Smokin' Meat Platter $70
1 LB of our jumbo wings, a full rack of house-smoked ribs, our smoked pulled pork and smoked beef served with hand cut fries and garlic bread (feeds four)

Copperworks Tasty Creations

All dishes served with your choice of hand cut fries, seasoned rice, or garlic mashed potato

Steak Dinner $25
10oz of marinated farm fresh beef, cooked just the way you like it, served with fresh pan-fried vegetables 

Salmon Dinner $20
Lightly seasoned and pan seared, topped with a lemon wedge and mixed pan-fried vegetables

Butter Chicken $18 (Spicy)
Homemade Butter Chicken over rice with seasoned vegetables

Curry Chicken $18 (Spicy)
Homemade Curry Chicken over rice with seasoned vegetables

Chicken Souvlaki Dinner $19
Seasoned rice, greek style potatoes, fresh greek salad, topped with a marinated chicken breast skewer and tzatziki sauce

Chicken Parmesan Dinner $19
Hand breaded chicken breast topped with homemade tomato sauce with fresh parmesan cheese. Served with your choice of tomato or alfredo pasta and garlic toast

Fish and Chips [1 Piece $13] [2 Piece $19]
Fresh Haddock beer battered and deep fried golden brown, served with homemade coleslaw and tartar sauce

Liver and Onions $16
Lightly breaded liver topped with sauteed onions and smothered in homemade gravy

Chicken Fingers $15
Seasoned breaded all white meat chicken breast fingers served with plum sauce

The Irreplaceable Quesadilla $15
Your choice of Chicken or Veggie, seared to a crispy golden brown, served with sour cream and salsa
Chicken - Grilled chicken breast, onions, peppers, and mixed cheeses
Veggie - Grilled zucchini, spinach, onion, peppers, and mixed cheeses

Smokin’ Sandwiches

All Sandwiches served with fresh hand cut fries

Smokey Chicken Club $14
Grilled chicken breast with strips of crispy bacon and fresh made smoked aioli topped with lettuce and tomato on a garlic bun

Smokey Chicken Bacon Mushroom Melt $15
Grilled chicken breast with strips of crispy bacon, sautéed mushrooms, and house smoked cheddar, topped with lettuce, tomato, red onions, and pickle on a toasted garlic bun

Ruben $15
Thinly shaved corned beef topped with sauerkraut, honey dijon mustard, and Swiss cheese on a toasted marble rye bread with dill pickle on the side

Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich $14
Thinly sliced Montreal smoked meat, swiss cheese, honey mustard, on a toasted garlic bun. Served with dill pickle on the side

Smoked Beef Brisket Philly $17
Thinly sliced house smoked beef piled high and topped with grilled onions, red peppers, and house smoked cheddar cheese on a toasted garlic bun

Smoked Beef Brisket $16
Thinly sliced house smoked beef piled high on a toasted garlic bun served with au  jus

The Industrial Sandwich $16
Layers of shaved chicken breast, corned beef, and house smoked beef topped with melted Swiss cheese and honey mustard on a toasted ciabatta bun

Grilled Veggie Sandwich $15
Sauteed zucchini, peppers, onions, and spinach on a toasted garlic bun topped with house smoked cheddar and smoked aioli

Chicken Parmesan on a Bun $16
Hand breaded chicken breast topped with homemade tomato sauce and fresh parmesan and Swiss cheeses on a toasted garlic bun 

Pulled Pork on a Bun $15
Our famous house smoked pulled pork in a homemade BBQ sauce piled high on a toasted garlic bun and topped with house smoked cheddar

Peameal on a Bun $14
Smoked maple glazed peameal and house smoked cheddar cheese on a toasted garlic bun 

Delicious Desserts

Homemade and fresh Toasted Coconut Cream Pie or our signature Whipped Cheesecake with your choice of Strawberry, Blueberry, or Cherry topping $8

Copperworks Liquids

Non-Alcoholic Options

Soft Drinks [Free Refills] $3.10
Diet Pepsi
Iced Tea
Soda Water

Juices $3.35

Milk $3.35
2% White or Chocolate Milk

Other Options
Jones Orange Soda or Root Beer bottles $3.35
Perrier bottle $3.35
Shirley Temple $3.35
Virgin Caesar $4.75
Coffee and Orange Pekoe Tea [free refills] $2.50
Specialty Tea [Mint, Green] $2.75
Hot Chocolate $2.75
Energy Drink Can $6

Copperworks Alcoholic Liquids



Tall Can $5.30
Coors Light
Bud Light

Draught [Pint $5.50] [Pitcher $16.00]
Bud Light


Bottle $5.30
Sleeman Clear

Tall Can $5.50
Michelob Ultra 

Craft Tall Can $6.60
Old Flame Red
Old Flame Dirty Blonde

Draught [Pint $6.60] [Pitcher $19.50]
Sam Adam's Boston Lager
Cracked Canoe
[selection subject to change]

Cider [Pint $7] [Pitcher $21]
Angry Orchard


Bottle $5.95

Tall Can $7.25
Strongbow Dry Cider

Draught [Pint $8] [Pitcher $24.50]

House Brews [16oz Pint $5.50] [Pitcher $20] [Paddle $5.30]
Selection is always changing to include the best seasonal ingredients! 
Ask your server what's on tap today!


Pellar Estates (Ontario) Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay
Woodbridge (Ontario) Sauvignon Blanc
Fuzion (Argentina) Chardonnay

Berringer (California) White Zinfandel  

Pellar Estates (Ontario) Cabernet Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz
Jackson-Triggs (Ontario) Merlot
Fuzion (Argentina) Shiraz/Melbec

6oz glass $7.20
9oz glass $10.50
1/2 L $22
Bottle $26 (when available)
Spritzer $9
Sangria (Glass) $9.50


Bar Rail $5.50
Southern Comfort

Classic $6.20
Crown Royal

Mid Range $6.20
Grand Marnier
Jack Daniel's 
Jim Bean

Premium $7.20
Grey Goose
Johnny Walker Red

Top Shelf $8.20
St. Remy


Classic $7.20
Brown Cow
Whiskey Sour
White Russian
Black Russian
Tequila Sunrise
Singapore Sling
Sex on the Beach
Porn Star
Fuzzy Navel
Cape Cod
Blue Train
Apple Jack

Premium $7.50
Long Island Iced Tea
Rusty Nail
Killer Kool-Aid

Super Premium $8.30
Chocolate Martini
Candy Apple Martini
Tropical Martini
Chocolate Monkey Martini


Classic $5.75
Blow Job
Porn Star
Sex on the Beach
Burt Reynolds 
Jimador Tequila

Premium $6.50
Tequila Gold

Super Premium $7.20
Jager Bomb
Dr. Pepper
Liquid Cocaine

Smirnoff Ice
Seagrams Wildberry
Twisted Tea
Palm Bay Mandarin Pineapple 

Spanish Coffee
Bailey's and Coffee
Irish Coffee
Monte Cristo
Sicilian Coffee